Goodbye, Hello.

First day of October.

Just like the first day of September, it’s stormy and ready to pour. I love this kind of weather, I love the fall season, and I love how excited and calm I feel all at once.

For my recap of the last 30 days, I only have this to say: A M A Z I N G. Dave Matthews this year was the best it’s ever been, I already finished my new Dan Brown book (which almost gave me a heart attack), I have the newest Brand New cd and, it too, is amazing.

I made some really awesome new friends, cemented old friendships, and had the best month I have had all year.  Eight months I waited. Eight months I endured just to get to this point, where I feel calm and secure and happy  in my skin. Most of all, I feel excited for what is coming, and I don’t wake up every morning with dread in my stomach. I deserved this…eight months just to get to this moment. Hell yes.

This morning, I am starting things off right with Norah Jones and banana nut cheerios. October brings back old memories (though not altogether unpleasent), and I am not quite sure how I am going to deal this time around. We’ll see, nothing ever ceases to surprise me anymore.

Good morning:) Happy Thursday.

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