Ocean Weekend.

I haven’t been to the ocean once since moving to Washington. It’s not even that I like the ocean, because it honestly freaks me out a little bit, but it’s the fact that I am so close and haven’t taken advantage of that.

Annoying. Kind of like the fact that I haven’t been camping since moving here. I haven’t done so many things…

So, this weekend, I am going. I am turning off my phone, putting in a good cd, and leaving town for a little over twenty four hours. Like so many things, this has been long in coming.

I need to clear my head, smell some clean air, and see things from a different angle. I certainly can’t decide on anything when my mind is clouded with everything around here, when my phone keeps beeping with text messages, and when my email almost ALWAYS contains something toxic. This issue is bigger than just one person, and it’s contains more than two…I just need to escape it all for a minute. Drink some wine from a party cup, have a bonfire in the rain, live life for a small fraction of time.

When I get back, everything will have changed. For the better or for the worse, regardless, I’ll take it.

“I listened to the bray of my heart
I am I am I am”

One comment

  1. Have fun. It’s a gorgeous trip.

    If you’re looking for a mystical place, try Cape Flattery. Out there on the tip of America, all alone, surrounded by wind, caves, waves, and your soul.

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