Semi-Charmed Life.

Today feels like a Monday.

Going to the dentist yesterday was uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that, when given the chance, I seized the moment to tell the hygenist that I would rather be at the gynocologist than sitting in her chair. She laughed, but I think I might have weirded her out.

I don’t care. It’s true. I hate the dentist.

That was my one (and stolen) resolution for this year. Four days in, I accomplished it, and now I have the rest of the year to slack off. Maybe I should set higher goals…?

I extended the lease on my apartment by six months, and I’m becoming happier that I did it instead of moving at the end of this month, here is why:

1. I love my apartment.
2. Moving in January sucks.
3. I hate packing.
4. I love my apartment.

I’m still excited for the spring to get here, because I love looking at new places and starting over, but I’m content for now.

This entry is turning into random bits of…random.
I should be working.
Until tomorrow…


  1. Mon Zni · · Reply

    I was thinking about you and your apartment today. I had been so positive that I would have a job or serious interview by now . . . no such luck.

    I’m glad you extended it. I really want to be your roomie, but I just don’t have my life together, unfortunately. Boooo on that. But I’m happy for you. :o)

  2. No worries dear, in six months you’ll have more to go on, and we can evaluate this again. Besides, saving some money before you move is always wonderful:)

    Summertime, here we come!

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