Lights in tunnels.


This morning has been filled with a lot of WORK. It’s fun to be busy, and the work is definitely interesting, but it’s too beautiful outside. The sounds of laughter from lunch are coming from down the hall right now, and after the week we’ve had, it’s nice to hear.

I’ve started taking baby steps towards planning my trip home. Which days I want to travel, how much the ticket is going to cost, but most importantly: all the long overdue things I need to see/do. It amazes me how much I’ve missed that place, and even more amazing is that it actually adds to my life to have known that simplicity. More than anything, I want to go sit in church on Saturday and just be there. I remember what that added to my heart, what it added to my knowledge, and I still crave it. The closeness of a relationship with God that nobody can ever touch or tarnish.

I’m excited to see TN in the spring again. The small city that I tried so hard to leave and forget, and the one place I know I will always be wanted. Oh, how the years have changed things for me.

I’m glad it’s finally Friday. I want to spend some quiet minutes in my apartment tonight, take a chill weekend, and paintpaintpaint! the things I’ve been putting off. My hands are itching to create something again, and those dining room chairs are calling my name. Violet is really the best shade of purple:)

Today finds me content.
Spring has sprung.

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