One of the best parts of my day (on any given day) is when I take these few minutes to write. To let the music wash over me, the words flow through me, the memories take me. (this entry is going to be a bubbling brook of thought…just wait).

I almost got a couch this weekend. The rain had other ideas, so I ended up watching basketball, spending time with my sister, and being a “backseat” cook in the kitchen. It seemed like yesterday went by too fast, but another week down, another week ahead. I can’t wait for that couch though, and before the downpour started, I got my old couch out and made room for the new. It’ll brighten my apartment, and my tired eyes on stressful days.

Girls night on Saturday was exactly what I’ve been needing, but I really can’t wait until these coming weeks start to take shape and become reality. April is almost here…has it been eight full months already? So much has changed, and it’s definitely time for a visit HOME. I miss my family badly, and the love and connection that I feel when I’m around them doesn’t compare to anything else…I need my vacation.

Ugh. Monday. Work calls to me:)

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  1. Mon Zni · · Reply

    I took a small nap on your couch today. Keepin’ it warm for ya. :o)

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