Lilac Wine.

Oh Jeff Buckley, how you free my soul.

It’s a quiet Monday evening for me, with a long weekend behind me, and a busy week ahead. Those are my favorite weeks, ones full of life and movement. The weeks are just flying by, and soon it will be full out summer, with the weekends free to roam and adventure:)

I found the Spoonman this weekend at Folklife, and bought Candice a wind chime of spoons and forks. The Spoonman is my absolute favorite, so I had to share some of the magic with her. Ashton’s birthday is this coming weekend, but it’s really her day as well, and I can’t wait to see her face. I also can’t wait until the Solstice, because while Folklife is amazing, the Summer Solstice is pure magic. Ah, summer time in Washington.

I had a weird moment yesterday, where it suddenly felt as though the past was haunting me. I’d had an idea how affected I was about certain scenarios of the past, but I had no idea they would be carried into the “here and now” and cause me to shut down. I finally recognized how nuts I sounded, but after it all, he still looked at me and said:

“You’re my dream girl.”

All in all, it was a great Memorial Day weekend. And now The Office is on:) I can’t wait to “start” my week tomorrow.

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