Only in MY head.

So, there I was.

In line at Costco this afternoon, hot from speed walking, and (slightly) annoyed to be holding a giant (13 pound) chocolate cake while I waited in a sea of people. My brain was going over the other things I had to do before lunch, but some small part of me kept looking and the cake in my hands, thinking that it looked so familiar somehow.

A cake. Looked familiar. Somehow.


As I waited to pay, I kept staring at the damn thing until it finally dawned on me: Matilda. There is a part in that book where the Trunchbull catches Bruce Bogtrotter stealing a piece of chocolate cake, and so to punish him, she makes him a GIGANTIC chocolate cake and forces him to eat the whole thing in one sitting or be punished more severely.

As a young girl, I read that book probably fifty times, and my imagination never ran short when it came to, well, imagining things.

Who would have thought that I would be standing in line at Costco (being twenty five) holding a giant chocolate cake and thinking “oh yeah, haha…Bruce Bogtrotter…so awesome.”

Only in my head.

(oh yeah, and I guess they made a movie out of this book??)

Here is the scene I was thinking about, haha:

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