Every day, I Talk to my cat.

There are days when I cannot think of a single interesting thing to write about. My brain is jumping around, dying to air thoughts, but my fingers won’t connect to the keyboard. Sometimes, I need a push:) I’ve been trying out Plinky for a bit, and here is a question I answered today:

“What are 3 things you do, everyday, without fail?”

Talk to my cat.
My cat, Boogerface, is the chattiest little animal I’ve ever known. He talks to me when I walk in the door, even if I’ve only been gone for an hour, and acts like it’s been yeeeeears since we’ve seen each other. He talks to me in the morning as soon as I start to open my eyes, and follows me into the kitchen just so he can eat while I’m in there. Sometimes, I could swear that he doesn’t eat unless I’m home:)

Boogie is my little sweetheart.

I watch House Hunters.
I can’t even explain this one. I just love HGTV, House Hunters, House Hunters International, My First Sale, Property Virgins…all of it. There is at least one episode on every single day, and I will watch it. Without fail.

I read blogs.
I don’t like the term “blogger” so much, but that is exactly what I am. Even now, I am answering questions on this site because I really WANT to post a blog today…but I don’t have any concrete reason to do so. I am addicted, as crazy as that seems, and so when I can’t create my own fix, I read the blogs of other people.

I cannot explain (or rather, convey) how beautiful it is when someone can open up via a blogging site. I love to read the opinions, thoughts, happenings, and emotions of other people; it helps me connect to life on a level that makes me appreciate the human struggle to BE. ugh, so cheesy:)

I love bloggers.

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