Time and time again throughout the years, I have repeated this:

I love Seattle.

I think driving north on the viaduct, in evening traffic, with Simon & G on the stereo…was one of the best drives I’ve had in awhile. Walking down First Avenue last night, I realized that “life goes on”, even on the weekdays. The Lava Lounge is still busy, even on a Thursday night, and tattoo parlors are in my top ten favorite places list.

I just cannot get enough of that city. The pulse of energy is like nothing else in any other city I’ve been or lived in, and I have never felt so whole in my life. Seattle is small, but it feels like a home.

This weekend, we’re doing it up the right way. The first Seahawks preseason game of the year, sunshine, happy hour, and the Rob Roy at midnight tomorrow. Summer is slowly coming to a close…but not quite yet:)

Happy weekend.

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