Seven days left.

Dear August,

We’ve almost made it.

With one week left, you’ve once again proven yourself a friend. As usual, you’ve brought me some changes, but nothing that I can’t deal with, nothing I don’t want to deal with.

My brother started college yesterday, and it was an interesting reminder that school really does start earlier in Tennessee. Thanks for giving him some nice weather, and for giving him (another) first day of the rest of his life:) He’s going to love college, and even though I envy him in some ways, I am mostly just a proud sister. He’s finding his path.

One week from today is my mom and dad’s 20th anniversary. The older I get, the more I believe that “time flies”, and I really can’t believe they’ve been together 20 years. As different as we are, Molly has been my mother since I was five, and her perspective on life gave me a good one of my own. There were times when I was younger and wished for my “real” mother, but my life was much better without her, I had two parents who loved me enough to protect and teach me. Crazy as things became at certain points, they’ve loved each other too.

I’ve still got wedding fever, but I’m blaming all the wedding chatter around me these days, and the nonstop episodes of Bridezillas. I’m hoping that September snaps me out of it, because even though Jeremy is extremely patient and okay with my nonsense, I’m starting to annoy myself. I am in no rush. We are in no rush.

This ‘letter’ has taken me all day to write.

Thirty minutes until I go home, and here is my horoscope for the last seven days of this month:

Slip on the lightweight linen suit, and prepare to play ball. The Sun zips into Virgo for a month, awakening your inner tycoon. Not as if you’ve been napping! The summer has been filled with “mover and shaker” energy for Sagittarians, and you’re ready to see the manifestation of your high-level goal setting. One such result? You are more of a Queen Bee than a drone these days, finally allowing yourself to delegate responsibilities so that you can reach a new level of growth. Keep finding ways to let go. The income will be replaced, and then some. This week, projects that have been put on the backburner pick up steam again. You could attract the attention of some heavy-hitters who want to join forces with you. Schedule those power lunches at your favorite outdoor cafes so you don’t have to compromise sunshine in your quest for world domination. Tuesday’s full moon in your domestic sector brings a family issue to fruition. You’re able to map out a win-win for everyone, provided you are sensitive to the feelings of your relatives or roommates. Check your tough lovin’ talk at the door. Your peeps need to see your caring soul, not your best Supernanny impersonation.

Done and done. Thank you August.


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