Myspace? Is that you?

I am filling out this survey. Because I want to…whatever.

Yeah. I’ve twenty five.

What is your girl/boyfriend’s name?
Jeremy Butcher.

Their nickname from their friends?
J.Butch or Butcher.

When is their b-day and how old will they be?
August 12th. Next year he’ll be 31:)

Do they plan on getting married?
I’m sure he does, eventually.

Where do they want to live?
He loves living in Seattle, so he’s content to do that right now.

Where/how did you meet?
I met him a couple years ago, working in Tacoma:) Best UPS guy ever!

Who asked who out and how?
Neither of us asked the other one “out”. We just went to lunch one day, and never stopped hanging out.

What day did it start?
We went to lunch in September. And went out with friends at The Spar in Tacoma on October 3rd last year. So…then?

Do your parents approve?
Absolutely. They love him.

How often do you see each other?
Every weekend, and maybe once during the week.

While you were dating have you ever liked someone else even a little bit?
I had just gotten out of a long relationship, so that was hard in the beginning. It took me MONTHS before I even acknowledged him as my “boyfriend”, but he was my best friend from the very beginning. Extremely patient with me through every ridiculous moment of self doubt I had.

Favorite band?
He really likes the Descendants and Fugazi.

Physical feature on you?
Everything:) All the time.

Steak or Chicken?

Are they attractive?

What is your favorite memory together?
We go places, and that is one of my favorite things. We don’t spend every weekend at home, or just in Seattle. I love planning trips with him, and following through, he actually listens to my ideas and what I want out of life:)

Your favorite thing about them?
He has a great heart, he’s smart, and we have the same sense of humor. We are just constantly laughing.

Can you see yourself with them forever?
I can. We both just…get it.

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  1. October 3rd. ha ha. Good things happen that day. :)

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