Ten Days.

Dear August,

I kind of enjoy this little tradition we have now, this unspoken (until now) truce we have to calmly exist with each other. I enjoy this being the week that we “hash it out”, and I tell you how I really feel about your drunken nights and those stupid things you may or may not have said behind my back. If nothing else, I’ve always been honest with you.

For some reason, I always feel that your departure is when my year really begins. I think this has to do with the fact that September signifies change, because of all those years in school, and because the summer to fall season change has always been more significant than spring to summer. I live for change, for renewal, and for those wonderful fall smells. I always want you to hurry things along, because you honestly make me a little nervous, like a month without a purpose. Thanks for taking your time this year, allowing me to enjoy the warmth, the nights out with friends, the evening walks. I think I appreciate you more now.

As soon as you leave, so do I. Ireland. I’m a little nervous (or a lot nervous) to see if this dream I’ve been planning will really become real.  This will change my life on many levels, and I feel like these last ten days will drag slower and slower.  Hopefully, this wonderful weather you got goin’ on will carry me (calmly) into next week. Hint hint:)

I have wedding fever again this year, but I’m wiser this time around, and I realize that (duh) summer time is wedding time. My sister and I went shopping for rings last week (her engagement, not mine), and it definitely showed me that I wasn’t ready. While she may be coming around to the idea of marriage, I don’t think I’m quite there yet. Jeremy is everything I appreciate in a partner, and time will tell, so we can revisit this next year:)

This workday is winding down, and so is this letter.

Thanks for not being a jerk, see you tomorrow.


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