Six Days.

“If you let me have my way, I swear I’ll tear you apart…”

I almost did that this weekend, tore someone apart because that is how much red I saw. I have calmed down a lot in the last two years, going from “quick to speak my mind”, to slightly more thoughtful and quiet. I don’t like to be the one to start controversy, and as much as calling someone out on the stupid thing they said sounds like fun, it’s really not.

It’s not fun to be the loud mouth, because nobody respects that person. Having a temper doesn’t make you a better person, just an annoying one.

For two minutes though, I saw red and I let the offender know. Because it also isn’t okay to sit there and “take it”, no matter how casual the setting, or how good a friend someone might be. Sometimes, enough is enough, and calm I may be, but a pushover I am not.

I am also not sorry, which is a pretty sweet place to be. I like to say something and mean it.

Blah. It’s time to leave Washington for awhile:)

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