Ireland #4.

This is the end of the journey, or almost the end, and I need to wrap this up while I have time. 

We board the plane that will take us to Frankfurt in about an hour, and from there to D.C, and finally home to Seattle. I’ve always loved coming back to that city, and today is no different. 17 hours of travel; this day could get old really fast.

We spent our last night with our new friends, in pure “Irish” style with drinks, music and laughter. It’s been fun to be the “Yanks”, the token American people who say weird things and ask weirder questions. Even so, it’s amazing how similar life can really be, and we’ve just made lifelong friends. People who never knew you before two weeks ago, but invited you into their home for dinner anyway, and dropped you back at your hotel at one in the morning after a night out. I can’t say that I would have experienced this kind of acceptance and hospitality anywhere in the U.S, and that thought humbles me. This trip has been…surreal. 

It seems we walked a million miles around Dublin, and drove a million more on the west coast. I learned that I don’t like driving on the left side, and being a passenger makes me carsick. I have never seen such small roads and giant speed limits in my LIFE. Cars rarely yield, people jaywalk constantly, and double decker buses can turn on a dime. I also wasn’t prepared for how old everything would be. Even in my old apartment building at home, with no dishwasher, I am spoiled. Everything here is old, but it’s so beautiful and graceful. I couldn’t take every photo I wanted or needed to.

I’m going home happy, with eyes open a little wider. I needed to experience this, to see a world outside my bubble, and to live out of a carryon for two weeks. I needed to feel some humility, and I do. 

I’m glad we picked September for this trip. 

Now, I need what I call “normal”. My soft bed, my cat, and a regular workday. I need to be a normal person again, not a tourist. Ireland, you were more than I could have dreamed, thank you for your open arms and tiny life lessons. I feel full.

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