30 Days of Thanks. #8.

Today, I am thankful for wonderful weekends.

We didn’t accomplish much, but what a great weekend I just had. I brought Jeremy down to Enumclaw to see Candice and the boys, and he finally understood what I’ve been saying for years: those boys are amazing. It was so nice to walk into that house and hear Ashton yell “Cassie!!”, running across the room to hug me. He’s gotten so big, and Candice is raising him right. That kid is a sweetheart, but very much a little boy with energy and opinions. Little Ryan stole Jeremy’s heart, which just about made me melt. I love that little family. I love Candice.

My roommate bought a kitten this weekend, and OMG. Boogie is not pleased, but I’m hoping he’ll eventually get over it, because that little kitten is CUTE. He’s a manx, so he doesn’t have a tail, and he hops all over the place. I’m sure Boogie is a bit confused, but he’s also being a giant wuss about the whole thing. I didn’t have anything to do with getting this kitten, but I have a scratch on my face to prove that Boogie thinks it’s my fault anyway. Meh. Animals.

Yesterday, I made my first batch of pumpkin cookies, and they were a major success:) I love baking, and I am always wishing I had more baking pans and dishes. I think they’re my new favorite recipe, and I can’t wait to make batch number two tomorrow night. I love the holidays.

Three day work week, and I’m feeling the excitement. I’m happy that I get to spend quality time with Jeremy, and hang out with his family (if not mine) for a few days. I need togetherness, and I’m going to get it:)

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