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In Time.

Life has not taken me where I thought it would during these past two months, but I am rolling with it and waiting. I have a lot to say, so much in fact that I have been trying to finish an entry for the last three weeks, but this will have to do. For the […]

A bit about Phil, a lot about Addiction.

This is not going to be one of those “The Truth About Addicts” posts that people seem so fond of writing. I am not a counselor or any type of specialist, and my opinions on drugs and addiction only come from the past eight years and my own personal experiences (only). I was driven to […]

Gold teeth, and a curse for this town.

I was feeling inspired tonight, which is usually something that happens as I am trying to fall asleep. Instead of powering down, my brain usually powers up, pouring out all the thoughts I have kept at bay all day long. Maybe this will help, but I doubt it. Fifteen minutes ago, I came across this, […]

Something about being liberated. Or whatever.

As little girls, we are made to believe in a Prince Charming and the fairytale life he brings with him. My favorite movie as a child was actually Cinderella, and she lived happily ever after for christ sake, so that is what I wanted too. Never once in my childhood did I think that I […]

Comparing families to butts.

I rarely feel like I have anything worth telling. When I see someone I haven’t seen in awhile, the questions are always the same? “What’s new?” “How are things?” and I always have the same answer. Nothing much is new, and ‘things’ are fine. Who wants to actually hear about your problems and your hang […]


Boston was extremely cool. I can’t say that I fell in love with the city itself, but I did enjoy my quick three day trip. As soon as I get my energy back, I will compile and post the video(s) I took, because nothing I say can do it justice. PAX is insanity at the […]

Sometimes you just gotta dance it out.

I am on some serious fire today. I leave for Boston tonight, in a whirlwind of moving parts and pieces, and I cannot even say it enough: I love to travel. Maybe one day the thought of getting on a plane and dealing with airport security will exhuast me, but not likely. There is nothing […]