My name is Cass, and I am thirty five years old.

Six years ago, I moved from Seattle to Los Angeles to work in video games. I am definitely a career minded girl, and over the last six (plus) years of my life I have realized that I am right where I belong. I have found my tribe in the game industry, and although I will always feel like I am not cool enough for these nerds, this my home away from home. Every great ADC needs a great Support, and this is where I shine.

My relationship with writing has always been a complicated one. I started this journey as an annoying ten year old carrying around a notebook and interviewing family members, and turned into the moody eighteen year old trying to find her footing in the world of online journals. I have always felt this need to be known and heard, and my goal for years was to just be able to get out of my head for a few moments, make sense of the mess up there and feel accepted. For years and years, my thoughts have written themselves in journal form, begging me to type them up and hit ‘publish’ and I have given in thousands of times since that first day in June, 2003. I don’t know if I have particularly excelled at writing, but it has offered me comfort in the darkest hours of my life and that has always mattered the most.

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