I could watch this trailer five hundred times and still get the chills.

Twilight fans are hardcore dreamers, the best and often most ANNOYING girls you’ll ever know. They’re crazy for the fantasy, in love with the passion, and a sucker for the devotion of Edward. We all want that; a man who adores us, flaws and all, never seeing what WE see in ourselves as wrong or weird. Twilight had us at ‘hello’, and now we’d be fools to say goodbye.

Personally, I have read each book about four times. I have NEVER done that with ANY book EVER, and I can’t really say it’s because the writing is so amazing. Stephenie Myer isn’t even one of my favorite authors, nor will she be, but I read them over and over for the story. For the love and devotion of the characters, for the passion of the story, and for that small hope that it could be real.

“Where you read black, I read white…”

Fairytales exist. I truly believe that.

Anyway. I am posting this trailer because I am connected to it. I am so excited.

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  1. Do you have a date to see this? ‘Cause I’d love to make it a girls’ night out if you want! :o)

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