Fade into You.

I am completely on fire.

From the inside out, I can feel myself burning and I am loving every wild second. Loving.

In the past 48 hours, everything has changed. I am happy for this fact, elated even, and I can’t stop myself from counting the hours until tomorrow afternoon. I feel myself smiling for no apparent reason, I feel the old butterflies (I thought they had disappeared) in my stomach, and there is no way I coming down from this high.

My day was wonderful. My weekend was wonderful. And everything has changed. This is what I waited for…this is where life was leading me.

I cannot help but mourn for the loss of everything else. Everything I had wanted, had hoped for, had worked for. It wasn’t for nothing, and even now in this moment, I can tell I am going to miss it. I crossed the bridge, but I refuse to burn it. I hope that doesn’t hurt later.

Either way, I will continue to burn. With happiness, with pride, and with the calm assurance that I am okay.

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