I have very few fears. The things I am afraid of don’t really count, because they are so silly and nothing that anyone normal should fear.

Fingernail clippers. They give me the creeps, and I REFUSE to trim my nails using them, so I am nail biter. I don’t care how anyone feels about that, and I know it’s disgusting…but fingernail clippers are worse. Trust me.

Deep water. The only reason I am afraid is that my oldest cousin once told me that the big sturgeon in Lake Pend Orielle would come nip at my feet if I didn’t keep them still in the water. I was twelve, and the thought of an “underwater world” really scares the hell out of me. Like outer space or another planet…I hate deep water. HATE.

The one thing I do not fear, however, is being alone.

I know lots of people that dislike the idea (and even list it as one of their fears), but if I were to die alone, it wouldn’t be the worst thing. Maybe I just haven’t found the right person, maybe if I do, my entire world will alter itself in the greatest way. Maybe.


One thing is for sure: These past four days have made me the happiest I have been in YEARS. Light, free, and happy with no strings attached or bad memories to stew on. It’s weird..and wonderful..and I didn’t know it was possible to feel like this.

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