Pandora morning.

I have this bad habit of not being able to sleep in on my day off. It’s barely 9am, and I have been awake for over and hour now.

I mean, COME ON. If this is the cosmic joke of adulthood, then fuck that.

My favorite morning channel on Pandora is my Death Cab one. It reminds me of only the best times, and so much of why I moved here in the first place is wrapped up in those songs…or similar ones:)

I am getting excited for winter. On December 18th, I will have been in Washington for four years, and it’s something that nobody thought I could accomplish. I knew I wasn’t going back, but everyone else thought I would…and I like that I’ve made a life for myself out here. It’s only getting better.

The holidays are going to be worse this time around though, and I can only imagine what those days are going to bring me. Man, it gives me anxiety just to think about it.


“Easter Again” by Leo Kottke is so beautiful. Happy Sunday morning music equals happy Sunday morning vibes.

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