Good for a laugh.

I care about thismuch for Halloween. I think it’s pretty lame, it’s not a bank holiday, and why in the WORLD am I supposed to spend money on a slutty costume just to party?

Why? Ridiculous.

No, I would rather dress up for on occasion that doesn’t call for it. Like, say, my BIRTHDAY! Now THERE is a night that I don’t mind going crazy for, and this year (like last year) has a theme:)

But Halloween? Nothankyou.

Today however, everyone in the office is dressing up, so I decided to “go along” with it and do something too. Currently, I am wearing yoga pants and a hoodie:) I’m telling people that I’m one of those “parkour” guys, and doing random jumps at the wall, and spin moves off the bar stools. So far, it’s been good for a laugh…and since I am flaunting the “dress down” rules to the max, that’s really all I can ask for.

My inspiration? The Office.

Happy Friday.

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