“Try out and the cheese tray while you’re here, you’ve earned it.”

Today, I passed a huge milestone in my journey to “adulthood”.

I paid off a huge bill that has been looming over my head for the past year.

Not an event in itself, but for me, that signals the time for change. Something was accomplished, something was done and done right, and in another sixty days that blemish will have disappeared completely. It means that I can move forward again, with stronger legs, and that I am “doing okay” as an adult.

And really, when did that happen?

When I was younger, all I wanted to be was twenty three (blame Dave Matthews), and that year came and went. HUGE disappointment that turned out to be, because the years have been running together for a long time now. Nothing major to mark the passing of time, only time itself, and I’ve gotten older with the responsibilities of an older person…but can’t remember how I got here. It just kind of happened, I just kind of evolved, and life just “kind of” kept moving. It’s interesting that I am about to be twenty five, and I’m not really doing anything. Just working, paying bills, hanging out…nothing extraordinary to speak of. Why haven’t I been to Europe yet? Taken a ferry boat ride? Been to New York City?

The more I think about it, the more I want.

If life is about living, then why am I still sitting here typing out this entry? Because I leave work in four minutes to head up to Starbucks for another seven hours of…work. Because there never seems to be enough “time”, and because paying off those bills feels so damn good.

Welcome to Adulthood Cassie, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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