What is.

I’ve always wanted to: visit Ireland.
My favorite place to go is: HOME. Wherever that is at the moment.
My biggest fear is: drowning.
The only person that understands me is: Myself…but isn’t it like that for everyone?
When I go to parties I’m the: one who goes with the flow.
I’m in love with: life. Good and bad.
I love to be: driving somewhere amazing.
I wanna be: finished with 2009 already.
My biggest pet peeve is: people who lie, manipulate, and start shit.
I hate girls that are: selfish and calculating.
I hate guys that are: selfish and calculating.
I always wanted: to be a grown up with a “real” life.
My favorite ice cream is: Coconut Bliss double chocolate!
My favorite song is: probably Dancing Nancies by DMB. It’s the only song that “gets” me.
Sometimes I wish that I could: let go of people that are bad for me.
When I look up at the stars: I remember the California days.
I think I’m: a good person.
I love to watch: Grey’s Anatomy and hockey games.
I always wondered if: a heart can really get over certain things.
I have strong feelings for: people that I love.
I wish I could have a: glass of wine. I need it.
The opposite sex always notice my: eyes? Who knows.
I’m the best: girlfriend:) Once you have me, I’m yours.
I love to keep: people close. Good and bad.
In truth or dare I: usually choose Truth. Sometimes telling the truth is as bad as any dare.
Cigarettes are so: bad for you..but so sexy:)
I think they should legalize: marijuana. My favorite argument (among many) is that you’re never going to see a guy get stoned, go home and beat up his wife or girlfriend. Domestic abuse would be at an all time low if people were able to (legally) CHILL OUT and relax all the stress away.
My favorite outfit is: a good pair of jeans and a fun shirt. I’m simple.
I secretly: don’t do anything secretly:) Who needs to hide?
Sometimes I get: jealous. And irritable. And bratty.
If I could I would: go back in time and make Twilight not so popular. It’s becoming annoying and ruining the magic.
I can’t wait to: have New Years back in Seattle this year. It’s time for (another) fresh start.

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