Sleep the Clock Round.

I’ve been on a huge Belle & Sebastian kick lately, and it’s interesting that I just watched 500 Days of Summer for the first time. Like it was meant to be, or something:)

Fate, really.

Today, the fog is lifting slightly. It’s the typical January haze that envelopes me every year, but it’s different this time. The outcome of this month will set the tone for the rest of my year…scary? Daunting? Yes. ugh.

On this day last year:

[13 Jan 2009 | Tuesday] 9:51 PM the politics of the ‘real world’.

“I can play the game, but I don’t respect it.”

I am disgusted.

The politics that are taking place all around me (those in personal lives, love, and work) are making me angry. Making me blind in anger, and reminding me for the millionth time that people are not to be trusted, but to be watched.


I wish that people would spend less time manipulating, and more time soul searching. I wish that people weren’t such assholes.

And I almost wish this entry was about me. That it was my battle to be won, and my words that could make the difference. Because at this point, I have lots of them, and I’m not sure how long I can bite my tongue.

I can taste the blood already.

This entire week feels like a Monday.

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