For Monica.


I have a knack for using highly inappropriate terms to describe people I don’t like. This mouth gets pretty filthy with all the awful things I say when I can’t STAND someone, and it often shocks people when they hear certain words come out of my mouth.

Yes, it’s childish, and no, I do not care. I’m generally a really nice girl, don’t get it twisted.

So last week, when an extremely irritating coworker of mine stepped over “the line” about twenty times in twenty different ways, I’d had enough. Naturally, being a “nice girl”, I didn’t say anything to her face about any of it. I chose to be snarky and vent to OTHER people…my word of choice? Starts with a “C” and rhymes with “Bunt”.

Yeah, yeah. I know.

Fast forward to later in the week, and I am making a spreadsheet of all our clients and billing dates, etc. This spreadsheet was given to my three Account Managers and Rusty (my BOSS), and I was feeling pretty damn proud of myself for finishing it in such a timely and professional fashion. Perfect actually, and I went along with the rest of my week not thinking anything about it.

Fast forward (again) to today, when I needed to access that spreadsheet for an entirely different reason, and noticed one BLARING typo.

Aaaaand then my heart stopped.

One of our clients is called Concut.

I, in all my glory, typed Concunt. Awesome.

After I recovered, the laughter started. And hasn’t stopped all day. I ran around like a mad woman, gathering up the copies I’d given out (that nobody had actually NOTICED yet) and printing out freshly corrected ones. Laughing the entire time, and thanking the powers that be, that Rusty hadn’t gotten around the checking it out yet. Because, yeah, embarrassing:)

I really need to stop using that word. It’s definitely ruining this “professional” thing I got goin’ on.

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  1. Ha ha! Very smooth. :o) And thanks! I got really excited when I saw my name as the title.

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