Things I Learned at Twenty Five.

“I know now that there is no one thing that is true – it is all true.”

    1. It doesn’t matter what guys really say, they love it when a girl gets her nails done.
    2. It is perfectly acceptable to act like a lady…and mean it. It doesn’t make you “naive”, it makes you an adult.
    3. Sometimes though, being a bitch is fun. It’s okay not to let people walk all over you.
    4. If you haven’t graduated college yet, who cares. It’s YOUR life you’re living, do what makes you feel fulfilled.
    5. Working as a barista (STILL) isn’t lame. I can pay my bills AND have medical coverage, without help.
    6. Not all relationships will last. We’re not failures because of that.
    7. A glass of red wine after work is the best therapy.
    8. Take advantage of Happy Hour, liquor is expensive dammit!
    9. It’s okay to not like everybody.
    10. Being able to get random people to fist pump in the bar when everyone is drunk isn’t immature. It’s fucking hilarious.
    11. Giving a few bucks to that homeless guy with the sign doesn’t make you naive, it makes you compassionate.
    12. NOT giving that homeless guy a few bucks doesn’t make you an asshole either.
    13. Liking Dave Matthews doesn’t make me silly, it makes me HAPPY.
    14. Being able to forgive someone who has wronged you, it’s important. And hard.
    15. Not everyone deserves second (or third) chances. Some do, and will earn them. Most don’t, period.
    16. Not all girls are mean to other girls. Not all girls will turn on other girls. And everything is NOT a competition.
    17. Sometimes, the scenic route is best:)
    18. Telling the truth isn’t always the BEST thing, but it’s the right thing.
    19. Don’t explain yourself to anyone. Unless you truly want to.
    20. Whatever it is that you do to unwind, do that. A lot. (unless it’s extremely unhealthy, in that case, find a new hobby).
    21. Choose a path, walk down it, and be okay with that. It’s not the “end all, be all”.
    22. True love happens when you’re not expecting it to. I believe that firmly.
    23. It’s totally fine to talk about television shows like they’re real:)
    24. Learning to honestly love yourself is hard, so don’t be surprised when other people don’t either.
    25. Dropping your inhibitions for the night isn’t the same as dropping your panties. Get it straight, but live it up:)
    26. Take lots of pictures.
    27. Getting tattoos has a way of healing a person.
    28. Starting over is rough in any sense, but always worth it.
    29. Taking at least ONE night out of a busy week to go and laugh with your friends…very necessary.
    30. There isn’t a single person, besides yourself, in this world that is responsible for your happiness and feelings of self worth.
    31. Everything is beautiful. Even when it’s ugly.
    32. John Mayer’s version of ‘Free Fallin’ is absolutely beautiful.
    33. Playing World of Warcraft is so much fun. o.O
    34. Following your heart, on a whim, is sometimes the best thing you can do for your health. I did it, and I found myself in California…ALIVE and well.
    35. Never forgetting that is something I will always pride myself on.
    36. Watching Garden State, over and over, is good for the soul.
    37. Reading my horoscope helps me to believe in a higher power more forcefully than going to church would.
    38. Having a real job (aside from being a barista) and being able to contibute to projects that I’m proud of…nothing compares to that feeling.
    39. Turning the phone on silent for a night is very liberating.
    40. Little notebooks, purple pens, and colored post its make me extremely happy.
    41. I am completely secure in the fact that I read all four books in the Twilight series about five times each. Each showed me something new about myself.
    42. Purple eyeshadow. All day, everyday.
    43. Making true and lasting friendships is a process, but entirely worth the pain of dealing with the fake ones.
    44. I realize now that my anxiety has little to do with my professional life, and a lot to do with my personal life.
    45. Hulu is one of the greatest inventions.
    46. It’s okay not to trust everyone.
    47. Being in debt isn’t the end of the world. Everyone I know has some sort of debt, and mine isn’t the worst by FAR, so I need to chill out and breathe.
    48. I was always meant to live in Washington.
    49. Bars that serve goldfish crackers are ALWAYS okay.
    50. Life is too short to work in a shitty job that you’re not proud of.
    51. Monday mornings will always suck. Unless you don’t work or attend school.
    52. Morning coffee is vital.
    53. Having a college education doesn’t always mean you’re more qualified.
    54. Starburst Fruit Chews spell D E L I C I O U S.
    55. Being drunk doesn’t mean being crazy.
    56. Finding the peace and calm you so desperately deserve might take awhile, but it will happen.
    57. was the best gift I was ever given. Years into it, thank you.
    58. Not everyone can rock short hair:)
    59. People who “copy” other people aren’t pathetic. They’re lost.
    60. True love is amazingly patient and calm.
    61. In the David Bowe song “Fame”, he is actually saying “Fame” and NOT “babe”. Yep, from the time I was five until now, I totally thought he was saying “babe”….and I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THAT!
    62. My cat is so wonderful. Living alone is easier with him.
    63. It’s healthy to hold out for that “perfect” job.
    64. Hailing a cab is EASY.
    65. Sleeping in on a Sunday is overrated, but jammin’ in your jammies until one o’clock in the afternoon isn’t.
    66. HGTV is the best way to spend a weekend morning.
    67. You don’t count as a “photographer” if you edit your photos using Photobucket.
    68. Going to Target on payday is so awesome.
    69. March Madness is REALLY madness:)
    70. You don’t have to look for the best in everyone, it’s just not worth it sometimes.
    71. Girlfriends are a HUGE part of my life. Without them, I would be lost.
    72. 3 minute loading zones in downtown Seattle don’t mean much:)
    73. Barcelona (the band) saved me in a time of need.
    74. I LOVE Portland. I could definitely live there someday.
    75. My little brother is one of my favorite people in the entire world. He gets me, and I get him.
    76. On that same note, my older sister is the love of my life. Without her around to keep me grounded, I might have flown up and away by now:)
    77. I don’t need a guy to make me feel important and needed. I can be (and have been) happy and fulfilled completely on my own.
    78. I grew up without all the “mother/daughter” moments, and I am strong/extremely independent/not missing anything. My dad was the best influence, and not having a mother around didn’t make me someone I can’t look in the mirror everyday.
    79. I am a lot nicer than I used to be.
    80. Saving money isn’t hard:)
    81. My Coldplay station on Pandora is the greatest thing.
    82. I was recently asked what my biggest accomplishment has been, and I shocked myself when I said “leaving Tennessee to make it on my own”.
    83. People change, but I don’t have to.
    84. I can definitely keep it classy:)
    85. A career in Marketing, Advertising and Design is what I want. It feels good to know that.
    86. You can’t wait for things that don’t wait for you.
    88. Maybelline’s gel eyeliner is AMAZING.
    89. There IS something to be said about looking before you leap.
    90. Relationships with my girl friends are so much more vital to my well being than having a boyfriend.
    91. I’m a grown up. “Wait, what happen?”
    92. I never knew that an “old lady” couch would/could make me so happy!
    93. As soon as I started getting what I really wanted, I stopped wanting to shout things from the rooftops. I don’t need to share the most amazing things in an effort to convince everyone how happy I am or how “good” I have it. The very best things are now all mine, and they’re closer to my heart than they are to my blog. Period.
    94. I still love to blog though:) I hope that never changes.
    95. I love to hear the stories of other people. What they did today, who they like and don’t like, what’s happening in their life. I can’t get enough, and it’s not because I’m nosy, I am genuinely interested in people.
    96. Leaving what’s “comfortable” is scary. Not leaving what’s comfortable is even scarier.
    97. I LOVE writing cards. Thank you cards, Thinking of You cards….Hallmark is the greatest place.
    98. Airports are awesome.
    99. It’s good to be scared and second guess yourself. It makes succeeding that much sweeter.
    100. It IS possible to have ONE job and feel completely useful and fulfilled, and that’s something I never thought I would say.
    101. Breakfast is absolutely the most important meal of the day.
    102. Always wash your hands after using the bathroom, you never know who’s paying attention.
    103. Cutting my own hair is extremely satisfying:)
    104. Filling up my gas tank at the beginning of the week will get me though the ENTIRE week…and save me money:) Yeah, I just learned that.
    105. Mid-week dinners in Queen Anne with my friends is extremely awesome.
    106. It’s okay to ask for help.
    107. I really miss my cat when I’m not at home for a few days.
    108. I really really love to paint.
    109. I’m a workaholic.
    110. At the risk of sounding disgusting, peeling sunburn skin is so damn satisfying.
    111. The oil spill has reached Destin, FL. And that’s really sad to me because that’s where I learned to parasail for the first time, ate at Joe’s Crabshack for the first time, and learned to LOVE spinach pizza and late night card games.
    112. I wish more people blogged. Genuine writing.
    113. I do not have an accountant’s brain.
    114. If we could figure out how to get people as excited about saving our planet as they are about the World Cup, we would be so far ahead of the game.
    115. That being said, go ‘merica!
    116. Someone in the office just said “I don’t wanna be the gingerbread white boy from Seattle”…and that is so damn funny to me.
    117. My sister got a job, six months after graduating. I shocked myself by how proud I was.
    118. The truth always finds a way to make itself known.
    119. People CAN hate each other at one time, and still be friends later.
    120. New carpet smells awesome.
    121. House Hunters is the best show.
    122. Girl roomies trump boy roomies. For now:)
    123. It’s amazing how much love the heart can hold.
    124. My dad is proud of me.
    125. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!
    126. Dancing to Passion Pit is ridiculous amounts of AWESOME.
    127. I am very good at my job.
    128. I now think in terms of “wow, I can totally add this to my resume.”
    129. Dave Matthews Band fills my heart up and overflows it.
    130. Hanging out in my living room and talking to my roommate about nothing is extremely awesome.
    131. Twitter is more fun than Facebook.
    132. I’m not afraid of the future anymore.
    133. I am a complete workaholic. Did I already say this?
    134. My cat is a total reincarnation of a sassy prince. Emperor’s New Groove style:)
    135. I really love baking.
    136. Always do what YOU want. Always.
    137. Measuring yourself against other people is never fair to you…or them.
    138. Some burns take awhile to heal, and maybe they never fully will, but that’s okay.
    139. Comet is still the best cleaner ever.
    140. As the years go on, I get more “Martha Stewart” and girly.



      1. since when have you been playing WoW ?

        1. I haven’t! You know how slow my computer is! I was saying that it IS fun…I miss Bearclaws:(

      2. i think you got 42 from me. actually. i know so.

      3. I agree on 42. I did it for years, and for some crazy reason, stopped for about a year or so until 2 months ago. Re-addicted, probably for life.

      4. 61. rhianna, umbrella. yes. one up’d

      5. I read everything on your list, I love your writing and your perspective on life, people, the world and most importantly, yourself. I wish I had your talent…….and you already know your Father is EXTREMELY proud of you, oh so much.

      6. Kimberly Mae :) · · Reply

        i loooooove house hunters!!!!!!!! i loooooove HGTV in generallllllll!! :D

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