9 Minutes & Counting…

I am a busy girl, and I like it that way. I don’t have time to stop and dwell on life for long (at least the negative parts), and being busy gives me a feeling of accomplishing something.

I thrive on that.

As the weeks run together, I am finding that I look forward to the weekends more than I ever have before. It still doesn’t provide a lot of downtime, but it serves to remind me why I keep busy all week long. My free time is THAT much sweeter, truly earned, truly WANTED. I am constantly go-go-go, and when I have an entire day to spend however I want, I take full advantage. Nothing negative allowed, only smiles, laughter.

I just doubled my workload. In a lot of ways, I am going to be (silently) cursing myself for months to come, but I am extremely grateful. I am learning what school could never teach me, giving what money could never give, and furthering whatever “career” path I’m on. It’s exciting to see the opportunities show themselves, and I am constantly surprising myself by what I’m choosing to take on and make my own.

I had nine minutes to write this, because I have to leave for “work day, round two”, and now my time is up:) Gah, is it only Tuesday?

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