Early Mornings. (updated)

I find that I function really well in the early hours of the day, provided I can actually get out of bed in the first place. Once I’m up and not feeling rushed, everything feels nicer, calmer somehow.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous morning in Tacoma, and my window looks right out to the Port. I could never take this view for granted, especially on mornings like these where the early morning fog hasn’t quite lifted. It makes me feel alive, day after day.

Two days ago, I finally realized what it was that I had been holding onto for so long. My belief that “chaos” makes me feel real, because it’s pain, and pain reminds us that we feel. I thrive on feeling real and alive (almost to the point of being a junkie), and I have held onto anything that gave me that high. Maybe that’s why I love getting tattooed now…the pain.

Not enough to bring me to tears, but just enough to remind me that I’m breathing. And alive.

The fact that I realize it is enough to make me sick. It’s also enough to make me want something better, something that doesn’t bring pain, but true and uninhibited happiness. Feeling alive because of how happy I am, that’s a different kind of high, and one that I’d like to get used to.

Work calls to me.
Until later…

——-(fast forward five hours…)

It’s later.

Jeeeez. Today has brought some interesting revelations, and some much needed “quiet time”. I’ve gone geek lately, and am currently working on a report that compares different types of social media and how each can build or sink a business.

Sound fun? Oh, it is. I’ve learned that I LOVE writing reports on things that most people don’t care about, because without them, there would be no Twitter…no Facebook. Someone has to analyze things, right?

Eh. I’m still in the zone, but I took a few minutes to update a few things on this site. First, my Read Worthy page has a few new and relevant entries on it. And second, I have updated my Things I’m learning at Twenty Five list with four new “things”.

The day is moving. One more hour:)

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