Sometimes: I listen to the same song on repeat all day.
No one realizes: what I’m really about.
I am so: crazy in so many awesome ways.
People think: they know it all.
Tonight I: will meet everyone at Los Cabos to celebrate Candice’s birthday:) Tradition!
It’s hard to believe: that it’s been a full year. What a difference it’s made.
I realized that: I am extremely capable. Of everything.
More than before: my reality and my dreams are becoming one.
Obviously: time never waits.
I can’t stop: the happy vibes I get when I’m in Seattle.
Nothing matters if: you don’t know how to love yourself first.
All I want is: the summer to get here. Dave Matthews:)
Without even thinking: I can feel the difference in my soul.
It’s clear to me that: I need to GO FOR what I’m wanting.
I don’t know: if I can really wait for Summer Solstice this year!
The only way: to win is to always tell the truth.
It’s hard to tell: who’s real sometimes.
The only person: who will never let me down is me.
It kills me that: people think they can find their true self worth in how another person loves them. It doesn’t work like that.
My life: is the only thing that truly belongs to ME.
One thing I know is: art is always the breath of fresh air I need.
I would never: leave my cat behind.
I can’t stand: liars.
I’m sick of: people who play mean games.
I can’t wait until: the spring turns into summer.
I miss: Tennessee a lot sometimes.
I have to: work a lot, but it’s worth it.
I’ll never: let go of everything. I just can’t.
Marriage: isn’t for everyone.
Everyday: is one of the BEST Dave songs ever.
I still can’t decide: when I’m going back to school.
I’m hoping: life works itself out on that one.
Everything: keeps going:)

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