Broken Bells.

Good morning February.

My weekend was beautiful. Being in Seattle for any extended period of time is always appreciated, and I am never left unsatisfied. Those feelings are why I moved to Washington in the first place, because I’d been here and felt it before, and I knew I wanted that for my life.

Now I have it, and damn, I deserve this.

There were several highlights to my twenty four hours in the city. Discovering that the Rob Roy serves goldfish crackers at 1am, and losing (gracefully, while threatening to punch the winner) at shuffleboard were a few of them. Not getting drunk and being able to see Avatar for the second time the next morning-I can definitely appreciate that. My little life is very void of chaos, and I am learning to savor it.

By far, I’d say the most satisfying part of my night was (finally!) figuring out who sang this song:

It’s the lead singer of The Shins, and I’ve been trying to figure out where this came from for a long time. It finally happened, and I am estatic:)

It’s about to be a long week.
Deep breath.

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