Read My Mind.

I really wanted to write today. It’s almost an addiction for me, and I think about it constantly. Carrying a notebook around just doesn’t do it for me, I think in type. Often.

The weekend was too short.

So many things going on, so little time to put them into order and make sense. I run on autopilot so much these days, but when I’m in Seattle, time seems to slow down again. I can breathe freely, laugh or be silent, and nothing ever matters. Except me, I matter.

I wanted to write all day, but right in this moment, I am content to end this as is. The words will come eventually, and my cat is looking pretty damn cuddly right now.

February 7th, 2010

The truth need not get in your way today as you imagine all the possibilities. Ultimately, you have a shot at what you want as long as you can conjure up a clear image of your desires. But daydreaming is not sufficient to make it happen; perseverance will be required, too. Don’t give up on yourself or you’ll never know what might have been possible.

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