Twenty Five while Twenty Five.

Okay, okay. Maybe I’m taking this whole “being twenty five” thing a little too far, but I really can’t help myself.

This is my year.

I started it off on the right foot for once, and have been taking steps to ensure that I don’t get caught up in the fray. Not again, not ever.

This entry was born out of boredom, the newspaper, and the fact that I have started my father and one of my best friends on the same path. My dad is going to turn fifty next year, so I told him to think of fifty things he wants to do while he’s fifty. Naturally, he scoffed at the idea, but he’s warmed up to it now and starting to come up with ideas. I enjoy the idea of “checking items off a list”, and the extremely Type A side of my personality finds a great deal of satisfaction in this, while the other side of me is thrilled to simply start and have a blast.

Today’s date: February 11th, 2010.
I am already two months behind…damn.

Cassie’s Twenty Five while Twenty Five List

  1. Get a roommate.
  2. Buy a newer car.
  3. Take one person who has never seen DMB live, to see DMB live:)
  4. Shamelessly flirt with an authentic, barely speaking English, Italian man.
  5. Get said Italian man to give me his jacket:)
  6. Get my passport ready for future travels.
  7. Spend a weekend in Lake Chelan.
  8. Attempt to fully let go of the painful past year.
  9. Visit my family TWICE (once). Twice just isn’t going to happen with my schedule.
  10. Finally get sister tattoos with Becca:)
  11. Keep my hair long.
  12. Dance with the (inevitable) Avatar people at Summer Solstice.
  13. Buy another windchime from the Spoonman.
  14. Move to Seattle. Or Ballard. Or Queen Anne:) (next year. Now just isn’t the time).
  15. Camp at the Gorge for TWO nights. (didn’t happen, and thank GOD).
  16. Visit my grandparents in Idaho.
  17. Plan the Europe trip for 2011!
  18. Little Black Dress themed girls night:)
  19. Finish all the painting projects I have started.
  20. Clean out my closet and take stuff to Goodwill.
  21. Get my little brother to come visit me!
  22. Oregon Coast roadtrip. (Not going to happen. I have almost every weekend of every month until the end of the year filled with SOMETHING. It’s nice to dream though:))
  23. See Portland at night from the top of a 32 story building.
  24. Visit Canada. (Planned for January, for the Red Wings vs. Canucks game!)
  25. Ride a ferry!


Let’s get started:)

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  1. Kimberly Mae :) · · Reply

    i’m 3! i’m 3! :D

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