Another Friday has started, and I can’t help but wonder where the week has gone.

Every Monday morning, I sit at this computer thinking about the previous few days, and wonder how in the hell I am going to get through the week. It’s true what they say about Monday in the “working” world, especially office life, it sucks.

As the days stretch out ahead of me, and my schedule gets squeezed tighter and tighter, it’s no wonder that the weeks seem like a blur. As though I didn’t really live them at all, but ghosted through everything in a daze. I’m busy, I am busy all the time, and it is at this moment every week when I stare at my computer and wonder how in the hell I got through the week.

You like that? You like how I sit here twice every week and think the same thought BOTH times, and it means something different each time? Yeah, it’s damn hilarious.

This weekend (like most) isn’t going to be spent in the south end. I’ve been down here for two straight weeks, and while it’s been nice, I can’t wait to get back to Seattle for a night. Our favorite spot is Ballard, and I badly need a night of friends, dancing, and the kind of laughter that reminds me why.

Oddly enough, one year ago today, I was in a similar mindset:

March 5th, 2009

Seattle is the most beautiful city I know.

I’ve been so many places, in so many different emotional states of mind, and Seattle is the best. By far.

It calms me down to the deepest parts. Reminds me why I chose to be here.

I might not belong to anyone, or anywhere…but I belong here.

Happy Friday.

Oh, and I am ridiculously excited for Alice in Wonderland! This makes my world spin in the right ways.

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