I haven’t been in the mood to write lately, at least about anything major. My posts have been pretty mundane, and I’ve even sunk so low as to post quizzy-type things from my old myspace account. Yep, this here blog has been fairly lame as of late, and I’d like to say I’m sorry.

Since 2010 started, my life has been very void of chaos. Everything has run smoothly (for the most part), the future is all bright and beautiful, and the (teenage-like) angst that usually fuels these posts is gone. I’m sure I’ll find something interesting to write about soon enough, but then again, that’s what Twitter is for. All the silly little things that happen all day long, things that I cannot possibly form into full journal entries, but fit nicely into 140 characters or less. It’s not like I don’t have LOADS to write about, but it’s all so uninteresting when I start to type it out, and I cannot even explain to you the amount of entries that go straight into my ‘drafts’.

meh meh meh. I want to paint my nails.

Here and here is where I was (mentally) and this time last year. Thank the UNIVERSE that I’m not there anymore:)

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