Be Not Nobody.

Since it’s Monday (again), and I can’t concentrate on anything longer than five minutes, I’m going to attempt a blog this morning.

I ask your forgiveness in advance (not patience, because I can’t even ask that of myself this morning).

My weekend was perfect. I worked on Saturday with Jessica, and we had a blast like we usually do. Something about seeing Sir Mix A Lot wearing a BOSS sweatshirt sitting in the lobby at 8am has a way of starting the day off right, and right it went.

The Boka Bar in Hotel 1000 reminded me of what kind of girl I really am, and the 8 blocks we walked back to Belltown was completely worth every step. I shouldn’t be suprised that I fit in so well, but I am, constantly actually. I wish my computer had been working right last night, because the pictures from this weekend are amazing. I need to start using Flickr more.

(I’m trying here…to talk about everything other than what I WANT to talk about…because I still don’t know anything, and I’m trying to distract myself from the knots in my stomach. Why won’t my phone ring already?)

I almost bought my plane ticket yesterday, but Bing told me to “Wait” and so I did. Today, the prices are lower:) Smart smart internet. I can’t wait to get home, hug my family, see my friends. It’s been a year and a half, and I need a vacation now more than ever. Besides, my little brother is graduating high school, and I can remember the day he was born…so I need to be there. For him.

ugh. This isn’t working.
More later.

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