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Filling it up.

“One always begins to forgive a place as soon as it’s left behind.”  Isn’t this always the case? How easily we forget why we choose to walk away, why we believe we deserved better, or simply deserved more. Once we have chosen not to settle, we start letting ourselves believe we could have settled and […]


“The last hermit was found and dragged out into the world. Most might find his existence sad but the hermit knew something we didn’t. He knew that when it comes down to it, even when you’re with someone or in the noisy rush of people, it’s just you. The one you can count on and […]

Blood Bank.

“I don’t want to be talked down, or talked up for that matter, I want to be free. Whatever that’ll look like. Where I go from this second, onward, I am not entirely sure. How do you explain to people how much you’d love to drop everything and go somewhere new? How much you’d like […]

Gold teeth, and a curse for this town.

I was feeling inspired tonight, which is usually something that happens as I am trying to fall asleep. Instead of powering down, my brain usually powers up, pouring out all the thoughts I have kept at bay all day long. Maybe this will help, but I doubt it. Fifteen minutes ago, I came across this, […]

LA is for the dreamers.

I live in Seattle, the land of cynical one uppers, who are full of good intentions and missed marks. I chose the city because the city chose me when I was nineteen and in desperate need of feeling like a functioning human. I have loved it, even when I have hated everyone and everything else, […]

Everyone On This Bus is Drunk.

It’s been awhile since I have seen this little blog, and I think I have missed these quiet moments between us. A lot has happened since I last updated: 1. I decided not to go to Australia. I feel a little bad about this, a little lonely too, but I know it’s the right decision […]

Five weeks.

So, remember yesterday when I wrote a post about being discouraged and bummed? Because it was all true, one hundred and ten percent true. Then today happened and I feel…high. Much like the feeling I had last night when I left the gym, got back to my apartment and sat in front of the fan. […]