We Laugh Indoors.

When’s the last time you said you were sorry?
Today. A good friend was in a car accident last night, I was telling them I was sorry…because those suck.

Have you done anything interesting in the last week? 
I got a new job, and put my two weeks notice in for my other two jobs. THAT was interesting.

Are there any songs you listen to everyday?
I listen to Radiohead every morning.

What do you consider a waste of time?
This probably.

How do you react to stress?
I always cry. It feels so good.

Have you ever gone mud riding?
At the beginning of the year, my sister and I did:) So fun/cold/beautiful.

Do you edit your photos?
Only to crop them. Photos are supposed to be REAL, and editing reduces that.

What kind of cookie do you like the most?
Oatmeal and m&m’s. My dad’s are the best.

Do you enjoy working alone?
I could never be alone all day, I’m a people person when it comes to work.

Is there anyone you’re not over and feel like you never will be? 
I have grown up, and in doing so, I’ve learned to except the way life has spun me around. I’m happy right now, and that’s all that matters in the long run.

Would you like living on the coast? 
Living here is just close enough for me.

What song was the last you listened to?
The High Road-Broken Bells.

When’s the last time you were really late to something? 
I am very rarely late to anything. I have no clue.

Do you prefer to take back roads or the highways?

What’s the last movie you watched?
Part of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Is it easy to make you angry?
Depends on who you are and what you mean to my life.

Do you think you have an addictive personality?
Sometimes. Don’t we all?

Which affects us more: our genes or the environment in which we’re raised?

Why do you believe that?
Because if the genes thing were true, I’d be psycho. And not in a good way.

Honestly, do you enjoy arguing? 
I used to think it was kind of fun, especially when I think I’m right, but I’ve grown out of that. Proving that I’m right is more satisfying when I walk away.

Do you prefer to use tape or glue?

Do you believe that love can get you through anything?

What do you wish you had more of?
I could say money, but that’s a given. I think I have a good amount of everything right now.

Have you ever gone to sleep mad?

Which theory do you wish but perhaps not believe was true about afterlife?
I really want to believe in reincarnation. And Avatar.

Is there anyone that you truly could not live without?
I could live without lots of people, but I would never be the same again.

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