Seventy Times 7.

I rarely take the time to write on Sunday. These weekends, they come and go too quickly, and by the time Sunday rolls around, I’m not ready to reflect.

I am taking time today though, because a lot happened last night.

These past two days started out on a high. Mariners weekend, two games, two days. Lots of beer, friends, laughing, and walking. Oh man…the walking alone could have done me in, mainly because I wore moccasins yesterday and it poured most of the day. I may never learn my lesson on that one, because I love those shoes, but they soaked through after awhile and my feet remained cold and wet for the remainder of the evening.

I should have taken it as a sign.

I wish I could elaborate here, because this is the point in the weekend where I gained some good insight. I woke up this morning wondering if I should start rethinking some of my choices, wondering if I could have possibly put myself in (another) position that I don’t think I can tolerate. I wish I could elaborate, but it’s just not going to happen. Not today.

Unfortunately for anyone who comes into my life from here on out (past or present..if that makes sense), I am much less tolerate of certain behaviors. Much less forgiving, and much quicker in deciding if I’d like to “know” you or not. It bothers me, because I hadn’t really noticed it until last night. How quick I reach my limit, and how fast I shut you off and shut you down. It sucks for people who deserve second chances, for people who make honest mistakes in things they say or do…I am just unwilling to let it slide now.

It bothers me, but I’ve reached my limit. Awhile ago.

So a lot happened this weekend, and most of it, I wasn’t ready for. I wasn’t ready to see “this” side of people, the side I was sure I had crossed out and put a stop to. But Bright Eyes was right, “Nothing Gets Crossed Out” I guess.

Ah. Another week starts again.

I took these today:) They’re called Inside Out plants..Seattle is beautiful.

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