the end is built into the beginning.

What I can say is this: My mood over the past few days was what I needed. It was where my head needed to go in order to clear it, and (finally) talking it out last night really put things in perspective.

I am not unhealthy. I’m still healing.

What I can also say is that I LOVE my new job. It is challenging every single day, I learn in huge amounts, and it’s just so interesting. I’m glad I went for it, and I’m even happier that I made the leap and TOOK it. I miss school, and I still see the value in it, but I made it this far because of ME and my abilities. Not because I could sit through class everyday and earn grades by doing assignments….hell, I’m doing assignments all the time now and getting paid. What I’ve learned these last few years in the “real” working world far exceeds going to class to learn the same things, but I’d still like to go back to college one day. If only for my own personal growth:)

The weather in TN next week is sunny and warm. I haven’t done much summer clothes shopping, so packing is going to be interesting. I’m excited to get a REAL spring though, and it will definitely get me excited for summer in Washington. I just realized that Folklife is in a couple of weeks, and I am really happy. The time of festivals is finally back, and it’s my time to shine.

And then….

I’m so happy for this summer. Because unlike last year, I’m not waiting around. I’m not constantly checking my phone, wondering what the night will bring and dreading the next day. I already know what the summer holds, and that confidence is a damn good thing.

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