Come. On. Weekend.

It’s Friday afternoon, and I am really bored. I have less than an hour left and I can’t focus on anything, so, fun survey it is!

Yay for pointless blog posts!

I am: extremely happy.
My ex-boyfriend was: very much his own person. 
Maybe I should: do more work…but I did it all!
I love: planning for the summer.
I don’t understand: selfish people. Ever.
I lost my: keys yesterday. Turns out, they were in my car…again…for the second time this week. It was a fun game trying to break into my car:) Next step, MAKE NEW KEY COPIES AND LEAVE THEM AT WORK.
My boyfriend is: the true definition of best friend.
People say I’m: really fun!
Love is: great when you can feel it in your bones.
Somewhere, someone is: reading this. Obviously.
I will always: burn incense.
Forever is: never a promise, but you sure can dream:)
I never want to: stop believing in people.
I think the current President is: doing his best.
When I wake up in the morning, I: shower and feed my cat.
Life is full of: so much beauty:) 
My past is incredibly: real.
I get annoyed when: people try to manipulate me.
Parties are for: funsies!
I wish: I could move tomorrow. I’m soooo ready to start the summer fresh.
My dog/cat is: SUPER!
Kisses are the worst when: you don’t mean them. 
Tommorrow I’m going to: vaccum my car, go to a birthday party, and eat some awesome pizza with some awesome girls:) 
I really want some: more money for my ipad:) I am totally getting one.
I have low tolerance for people who: use other people.
If I had a million dollars: new car, new apartment, ipad, Ireland trip. In that order:)

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