Wedding Season.

It’s June, and wedding season has officially begun.

For the first time in my life, I’ve got more than one bachelorette party to attend (and plan). I’ve got weddings and reception only parties (for those destination wedding people), and I’m actually busy with these things. They are actual concrete plans on my mental calendar…WHEN DID I GET TO THIS AGE?

Not only that, but I am actually looking forward to MY day. ugh. I never thought I’d be there, in that state of mind, where I started thinking about my own wedding and having babies. All of sudden, it hit me that I really do want those things, and not just ten years down the road either.

Suddenly, all the things I’ve wanted to accomplish in my life don’t seem that far off. I’m planning that trip to Ireland next year, I’m thinking of the kind of house I’d like to live in, I’m going over wedding colors and cakes in my mind….suddenly, it all feels very real and exciting. I’m not fifteen and thinking about “well, someday…”, I’m twenty five and thinking “okay, next year I’m taking a month to travel…and I think I’d like to be married in September, because it’s always been the best month.”

Suddenly, everything I’ve always wanted for my life doesn’t seem unreachable anymore. When did I get to this point?

Oh summer, I am so thrilled you’re here:)

My weekly horoscope:

Mars lights a fire under your desires this week when it joins Saturn in your house of success. Let yourself be engulfed by the flames of your own passions. Wanting something badly enough to taste it is a surefire motivator to get you into action. The window of opportunity is wide open between now and the end of July, but you still need to look before you leap. Having a well thought out, structured, systematized plan is the key. The execution of your ideas is every bit as important as the ideas themselves. Then, there’s the importance of having the right contacts and connections. With this week’s new moon in your house of partnerships, it’s time to think “joint ventures” rather than “solo projects.” In all aspects of life, two is your magic number. Whether you’re on the hunt for romance, seeking an “accountability buddy” to keep you on task with your fitness goals, or something else that’s meaningful to you, link up with people who you already consider winners. They are the only ones who are strong enough to support a powerhouse like you.

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