Back to Switzerland.

I am so stoked on life right now. Everything is going the way it should, and I really couldn’t be happier.

Except for today.
Today I’m irritated.

It all goes back to the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything” speech. I only bite when provoked, and some people bite just to fucking bite.

And it’s irritating.

So I don’t have anything nice to write about today, even though I am seriously “stoked” on life right now, my blogging mood doesn’t match up.

(Old post time!)
One year ago today:

I am a lot of things.

A few years ago, I put it into a list for myspace, and it surprises me how much of it remains the same. Even though I am NOT the girl I was three years ago, the core of me is the same.

And I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I AM music, art, downtown, tall buildings, Dave Matthews, watching the sunset, adventure, hiking, climbing, camping, Red Wings hockey, working with kids, the West Coast, Seattle, lower Queen Anne, playing pool, poker, dressing pretty, always on the go, staring at the stars, eating fruit, cotton socks, ducks, beta fish named Steve Yzerman, being a girl, goal oriented, Starbucks coffee, making my hair look crazy, apple cinnamon candles, lilacs, playing nintendo, hanging with my brother, cute Canadians, puppies and kitties, rooms that are green, funny boys, movie quotes-”You smell like peanuts”, airports, big cities, Urban Outfitters, my fleece blanket, clean laundry, HGTV, photography, spending time alone, people who can keep up with me, cereal, singing silly songs, creating an inside joke, pedicures, making people happy, painting, writing, colorful scarves, chapstick, my laptop, snow, laughing, doing crazy things, cooking rice, Molly Ringwald, boys that are tall, deep conversation, banana milkshakes, pretending to speak spanish, learning, celery with cream cheese, live music, traveling, rain, the color brown, chips and salsa, dive bars, road trips, dancing, Starburst fruit chews, Thai food, tattoos, and thrift stores.

Ingrid is running has been running through my head, and in spite of myself, I can’t decide if I’m feeling good. Or bad. Or neutral.

Neutral. I’ll be Switzerland.

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