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I really feel like I might vomit. I know, overshare.

The feeling in the pit of my stomach is coming at the worst possible time. Not only is the first edition of our company newsletter due this week (did I mention I get to develop content and design?), but I have a meeting on Wednesday that I need to organize catering for, and a whole apartment that I need to finish packing and cleaning. I feel like I haven’t been stressed enough lately, and this is the universe making up for that.

Awesome. Really.

I did have a great weekend though. It was beautiful, and I took complete advantage of that fact, walking everywhere until my legs almost fell off. Every single second was worth it though, as it often is. If you follow my twitter, you’ll notice that I posted pictures all weekend of various places and things (someone just learned how to send pictures from her phone to email to twitter) and I think I’ll start doing that more often. Hmmm, but we’ll see what my phone bill has to say about that.

ugh. I have never been so NON pms-ing and wanting to burst into tears…well, that’s probably not true, but I still feel ready to cry for no true reason. I’m just feeling really icky, and the thought of the week ahead is making it worse.

I’m crawling into bed with my cat and a movie. Packing will wait.

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