What I really meant to say.

My posts have been seriously lacking lately, and I am not entirely sure (though I have an idea) why that is. I’ve been posting old things, random poems and quotes, but nothing of real substance.

So, here is my attempt.

Summer has been great to me so far. The overcast mornings and sunny afternoons remind me so much of California, and nothing could be wrong with those memories everyday. I’ve been going to the gym with Jessica daily, and it feels awesome. It feels great to move, and to see the changes that daily visits produce.

Work has been extremely rewarding. I put out the very first newsletter, and the response has been encouraging. The entire design, format, and content were entirely produced by myself, and it was awesome to follow it to completion. I received my first 90 day review, and even though I was told a raise wasn’t supposed to happen until my six month review, I got one anyway:) It’s been an interesting ride so far, one that I value and enjoy because I am constantly learning, and that’s really what I wanted all along. I still miss the studio in Tacoma, because my passion still sits with art and design, but life is taking me on a wonderful ride right now.

Roommate life has been a breeze. Jessica and I are so similar and so different, and things are always fun around there. We both just “get it”, and it’s amazing to have a friend around to constantly hang out and laugh with. My cat has also been extremely tolerant of her little dog, and I’d even venture to say that it’s calmed him down some:) He likes to pretend he’s indifferent to the dog, but I know he likes having a friend to play with.

As for everything else, it’s…bliss. Jeremy and I are always on the same page, and there is never an argument that threatens to break that. I feel like we’ve known each other our entire lives, like he’s always been in that spot. It no longer scares me that something could be so effortless, and that I could love without excuses. My heart hasn’t known pain in so long.

So yeah. My summer is treating me well:) Lake Chelan this weekend, birthdays next weekend, girls nights, Mariners games, and Dave Matthews to round it all out. Seven months gone, five to go.

I could not have asked for a better 25th year.

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  1. Father is so very happy that you are enjoying life and that life is enjoying Cass. Keep up all of the good things in your life and your daily routines. Just don’t let the routines rule your life, maximize the spur of the moment activities. Even though I’m not there with you, I see you growing every day. I hate that your twentyfifth year is another that I won’t spend closer to you, seeing the great person you are becoming. Always remember Father loves you.

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