I can’t see.

I am really relying on my typing skills right now. I should rely on them more already, but right now, my fingers and their memory of the keyboard is what is typing this entry.

I am sitting at my computer, glasses on, and almost completely unable to see. Something is most definitely wrong with my right eye (not pinkeye, thankfully) but something. I need to go to the doctor as soon as possible, but until then, I’m a menace on the streets. Driving to and from work the past few days has been soooo fun.

And by that, I mean, NOT EVEN.

Damn eyes. I blame my last eye doctor who was all “Oh yeah, you need two different perscriptions for each eye.” Lies. I did what you said and now my eyes are completely messed up from the contacts you made me wear. I can hardly see with glasses on.

yuck. This week is off to such a great start.

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