I have been on pins and needles all afternoon. Work has been busy, and I’ve been trying to work out my “old” job duties with my new ones. Lots of pressure, but I think that is where I thrive.


Not to mention the emails, gchat conversations, text messages, and twitter updates I keep feeling compelled to put out there. I mean, how many different ways can I stretch myself before I snap? Probably a million more, but I guess we’ll see:)

The end of September is bringing more resolve, more wall breaking, and a lot more trust. I really don’t feel like summer stayed for very long, but I can’t help and love the rain that has settled in. My horoscope is perfect for today:

Roll up that ruffled shirtsleeve, pat yourself on the back and order up a heaping helping of congratulatory energy for yourself. Modesty is not on the menu today as the full moon lights up your sector of fame. Your efforts over the past six months are sparkling in the spotlight. Stop to give yourself props for all you’ve done. Celebrate, even if you haven’t fully reached your milestones. You’ve been giving it your all, and this deserves acknowledgment.

“Celebrate we will…”

Grey’s Anatomy tonight! This makes the coming of fall that much better.

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