Three months.

It’s almost October.
WHERE did the year go?

It’s been a whirlwind, but I’ve been keeping tabs on everything and checking things off my list:)

Twenty Five while Twenty Five. I have done nearly everything I wanted. The things I won’t get to do are in bold, followed by the reasons why. The things I haven’t yet done (but are planned) still aren’t crossed off, but I still have time:) This list makes me feel good.

Things I’m Learning at Twenty Five. This list started out really fast, and has slowed as the months have gone on. I’ll keep adding until January and see where it ends up, but this one has made me extremely proud. To learn and to document…that has always been very important to me.

Three months left. Let’s see what happens:)

One comment

  1. Find one weekend in December. Let’s road trip it down the Oregon coast. :) Talk about pushing it. :)

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