To Monica.

Happy Birthday friend:) If I could make you that cd, I totally would (you know I have such awesome taste is music, ha!). However, I just found something a million times better:) A post I wrote just for you while you were in Japan.

From Diaryland, in 2004 (I was such a spaz back then):

September 29, 2004

Today is Monica’s birthday.

And since she is in Japan, I feel that it is my duty to tell everyone that IT’S HER BIRTHDAY!!

For those of you who don’t know her, let me give you a few little factoids. Moniods, if you will.

1. She has the best sense of humor. Maybe it’s because she and I are so similar in that way, but I find her hilarious. Remember when that little kid farted during our bible study at Barnes? I will never stop laughing at that one:)

2. She and I both share this weird fascination with the hair of other people. For instance, I was in church one day and the girl in front of me had curly hair. I really, really wanted to pull a curl, but I dared not. Instead, I turned and whispered to Monica “I would so love to pull a curl..just one”, to which she replied “Oh wow! I was just thinking the same thing!” Weird…yes. But hey, that’s what I like about her.

3. She’s very intelligent. I love how I can have a good two hour conversation with her (on the phone no less) and have it be totally cool. Normally I can’t talk to girls very long, and it’s always weird talking on the phone. Monica isn’t like that. She’s totally down to earth and I love it.

4. She’s also crazy. Yes, a total contradiction from my previous statement, but true. Unlike me, she doesn’t tend to go overboard in the craziness, but she’s crazy in that intelligent sorta way.

5. No matter what she says, she’s an awesome writer. I love reading her diary (which you can read too—check my links), and she can always incorporate something funny into a bad situation. It doesn’t matter if she missed her flight to Japan by three hours or not (never happened by the way), she still maintains an air of humor as well as humility…which is what I absolutely adore about her.

6. She’s an awesome friend. She and I met under weird circumstances, yet somehow forged an amazing friendship despite the weirdness that brought us together. We both hate eating in the Southern caf, and that one time was fun while it lasted. Mmmmmm, pasta day:) Before she left for Japan, she sent me an awesome card..which totally captured my personality. My birthday card did the same. She and I didn’t hang out much before she left, and yet, it always seems natural when I talk to her. And that’s awesome.

So yeah. Those are just a few things about Monica. Everyone wish her a Happy Birthday (go to her site, email her, DO SOMETHING!! SHE’S A BILLION MILES AWAY FROM HOME!! IMAGINE HOW YOU’D FEEL!!) !!

Happy Birthday Monica darling, I miss you and hope you are doing well. I thought about you today…and pictures will be coming:)


I love you Monica, my sweet, even six years later:) You are a very special light, and I cherish every single memory (new and old). You’ll always be my tattoo buddy, and someone who understands my soul better than almost anyone. Happy Birthday!!

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  1. Mon Zni · · Reply

    I haven’t had time to be on wordpress lately, so I just saw this.

    Ahh, Cassie. There aren’t words– I’m just grinning. :o)

    We need a coffee date or something soon. It’s been too long.

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