Morning Lists. Another year later.

This day last year:

-Barcelona on repeat.
-Donut hole “Thank you”‘s.
-Tall ladders.
-The first “official” fall rain.
-Coffee that doesn’t cause anxiety.
-Third floor equals a good view of the weather.
-Awesome twitter updates.
-Catching up on the news.
-Text messages that bring smiles.

It’s going to be a good week.


-Still wearing my jacket.
-Setting up events with radio stations, and loving it.
-Setting up advertising, and loving it.
-Pandora, and my Bright Eyes station.
-Applying for a dream job:)
-Accounting duties.
-Gchat conversations.
-The Tacoma Harvest Fair this weekend!
-My supportive boyfriend.

Middle of the week blues? Nah:)

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